Online Privacy Statement Highlights


MP Filtri S.p.A. respects and is committed to protecting your personal information. 
Our privacy policies reflect current global principles and standards on handling personal information – notice and choice of data use, 
data access and integrity, security, onward transfer and enforcement/oversight. 

Below are some of the highlights of our Online Privacy Statement.

Personal Information

·	We collect personal information for a variety of reasons, such as processing your order, providing you with a newsletter subscription, 
	personalizing your experience, or in connection with a job application.
·	We will inform you of the purpose for collecting personal information when we collect it from you and keep it to fulfil the purposes 
	for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or for legitimate purposes.
·	We may combine the information we collect from you with information obtained from other sources to help us improve its overall accuracy 
	and completeness, and to help us better tailor our interactions with you.
·	We may also collect information relating to your use of our websites through the use of various technologies, including cookies.

Notice and Your Choices of Data Use

·	We will use your personal information for the purpose it was collected and will not use it for a different purpose without first 
	asking for your permission.
·	We will ask your permission before we share your personal information with third parties for any purpose other than the reason 
	you provided it or as otherwise stated in our Online Privacy Statement.
·	For information relating to your use of our websites, you may turn off cookies in your browser.

Data Access and Integrity

·	To update your personal information and communication preference, contact or visit the specific product or service web site.

Data Security

·	We are committed to protecting your personal information against unauthorized use or disclosure.

Onward Transfer

·	As a global company, we may transfer your personal information to MP Filtri S.p.A. in the Italy, to any MP Filtri subsidiary worldwide 
	or to third parties acting on our behalf located outside of the country where the data is collected where data protection standards may be different.
·	 We do not transfer your personal information to third parties unless those third parties promise to give the information the equivalent 
	level of protection that we provide.

Important Information

·        We follow privacy policies and data protection practices not only to comply with the law but to earn the trust and confidence in MP Filtri.
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